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white water pr and Israel’s Reblonde

First official partnerships between an Israeli company and a UAE company

Dubai-White Water Public Relations, a 12-year-old UAE firm and ReBlonde, an award-winning Israeli technology PR agency, announced one of the first official partnerships between an Israeli company and a UAE company within the marketing and PR domain.

Prem Ramachandran, Founder, and CEO of White Water PR stated that, “This is a historic moment for all of us and these bilateral trade relations and peace will go hand in hand for the betterment of both the economies and the region. As things unfold and move towards a progressive path, our partnership is set to support companies to generate awareness and establish a firm footprint in both the markets. This is a brand new chapter in history and we aim to play a significant role in our capacities to build a strong presence for companies looking to UAE and Israel. These are interesting times for both the economies, and we are ready to support them with all our might.”

This unique collaboration opens the door for UAE-based companies, entrepreneurs, and investors to have ReBlonde, a leading global PR agency based in Israel, supporting and building their brands and networks in Israel. White Water PR will offer the same services for Israel-based companies looking to enter the UAE. Israel and the UAE are both leaders in innovation and express strong common interests in financial technology, blockchain, real estate, medical technology, tourism, Oil & Gas and fashion among other sectors.

ReBlonde is a leading PR firm for tech startups, enterprises, and venture capital firms in the fields of artificial intelligence, IoT, MedTech, and fintech, as well as cryptocurrency and blockchain. Led by Motti Peer and Alona Stein, the company takes after its award-winning predecessor, Blonde 2.0. Among ReBlonde’s top clients are Spotify, Viber, Zebra Medical Vision, Nanox, Inx, Dreamed, Airobotics, Delegation of the European Union to Israel, and more.
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