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UAE, Mekorot to develop sustainable solutions

Israeli Mekorot Water Company headed by Elie Cohen, CEO of the company


UAE, Mekorot to develop sustainable solutions

Sherif Al Olama, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure for Energy and Petroleum Affairs, has welcomed a high-level delegation from the Israeli Mekorot Water Company headed by Elie Cohen, CEO of the company, where the two sides discussed the frameworks of cooperation in the field of water, and exchanged experiences supporting the development of innovative and sustainable solutions in the water sector, which is one of the global challenges.

The meeting also discussed ways possibilities for creating joint ventures in this vital area, turn challenges into opportunities, work on the exchange of visions and plans, develop an exceptional partnership in this vital area, and the possibility of working interactively between the two sides to improve the efficiency of water services projects.

Al Olama reviewed UAE’s Water Security Strategy 2036, the UAE’s efforts and achievements in the water sector, and the ambitious future goals in this sector’s development and security.

The Israeli delegation reviewed its most important current hydrological projects and use of related technology and cutting-edge techniques for recycling water for agricultural use.

They further expressed hopes to expand the circle of cooperation in water to achieve mutual benefit.

Al Olama said: “The Israeli-UAE relations are expanding and deepening by the day to the benefit of both countries, and there is a particular interest related to the fields of energy, infrastructure, and oil which are key to sustainable development. Given our geography, we are also keen to see the development of innovative and sustainable solutions to optimise water use”.

He added: “there is a joint desire to enhance cooperation, which benefits consumers on both sides as we seek through ambitious partnerships to fulfil our commitment to provide the best living conditions for the UAE community, and contribute to the welfare and stability of the region.”

Elie Cohen, CEO of Mekorot National Water Company, said: “The Israeli-UAE relations offers many new opportunities for the region, and one of the most promising involves advances in the water sector, essential to agricultural cultivation and food security. We aspire to create progress by exchanging experiences, information, and ideas by applying advanced technology, and public, private partnerships. The use of advanced technology to support this sector is indispensable for continuing life, especially in the presence of challenges such as water scarcity due to climate change or conflicts facing the world.–WAM


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