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The new age of bold beauty in 2021

women are crushing one social obstacle after another and taking the concept of beauty into their own hands.


The new age of bold beauty in 2021

Today, women are crushing one social obstacle after another and taking the concept of beauty into their own hands.

According to a recent regional survey by Kaya Skin Clinic Middle East, for 74% of women, the most important reason for undergoing an aesthetic treatment, above peer influence or medical necessity, is to achieve their version of beauty. In the Middle East, where looking beautiful and elegant on the outside reflects the beauty within, women are fearlessly opting for cosmetic beauty treatments to feel more confident.

Women & the beauty category are soaring in 2021

The global cosmetic procedures market is set to experience exponential growth with estimates of its value increasing to staggering $15.9 billion by 2025[1] and Kaya’s new campaign ‘What’s Your Beautiful?’ launches just as 82% women admitted to being more attentive to their skin, hair & body since the onset of COVID-19.

Women in the Middle East are increasingly entering positions of power in the corporate and business world, which is aiding in this cultural revolution. Studies indicate that by 2030, the number of women holding technical jobs is set to double through digitization[2].  More women are also getting emboldened to don the entrepreneurial hat in the Middle East, and it is estimated that Middle Eastern women will soon hold $1 trillion in wealth[3].

Famous faces & social media normalizing cosmetic treatments

Also prompting women to take bold beauty choices is the number of celebrities who have spoken candidly and publicly about their own surgeries. Many popular names have admitted, unapologetically, cosmetic procedures, including television personality Kylie Jenner who has had lip fillers, and musician Cardi B, who has undergone invasive procedures for breast augmentation[4].

Popularity on social media has been instrumental in forging acceptance for cosmetic surgery in society. Over 48.5% of participants in one study reported that social media influenced them to consider cosmetic procedures.

With COVID-19 and work from home facilitating recovery time whilst simultaneously driving a need to look good over video calls[5] the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) reports virtual beauty consultations rose by nearly 70% during the lockdown. With most business being conducted online via conference applications.

Kaya stands with women.

Kaya’s campaign ‘What’s your Beautiful?’ aims to bridge the gap between the new age bold woman’s version of beauty and social judgements. It focuses on giving women the power to choose how they want to look and be fearless in the face of labels or judgements by society. Whether it’s taking advantage of technology or advanced beauty solutions, every woman has the power to restore, preserve, and enhance their essential vitality and pursue what will make them feel beautiful.

While the conversation has started, and acceptance is far higher now than it ever was before, surprisingly, women opting for these treatments continue to face societal judgements, with Kaya’s study showing that over 56% of women still feel there is still a stigma associated with aesthetic treatments.

Commenting on the campaign, Latika Vieira, Head of Marketing – Kaya Skin Clinic Middle East says, “As leaders in the Aesthetic Beauty Category, we wanted to start a conversation that would help women be more accepting and less judgemental of other women and themselves – especially when it comes to Beauty Choices. Women should have the freedom to choose what makes them feel beautiful and should not feel shy or ashamed of using advanced technology and services to get to the results they want. Because feeling beautiful is empowering and at Kaya, we resolve to let you pursue that fearlessly.”

Women of today have already embarked on a bold beauty journey, and whilst the pandemic may be changing the world, Kaya continues to salute and support them.

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