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Thales technologies delivered phase 1 at new BAH

State-of-the-art technology implemented to enhance overall security and comfort at Bahrain International Airport

Thales technologies delivered phase 1 at new BAH.

Thales, the major provider of integrated security and telecommunications solutions for critical infrastructures, has successfully delivered the phase 1 of the new Bahrain International Airport as part of this important modernization project.

Built-in two phases, the Bahrain International Airport expansion covers 210,000 square meters, quadrupling the existing terminal’s size and increasing its capacity to 14 million passengers a year. The project is an important step in achieving Bahrain’s Economic Vision 2030 and cement Bahrain’s reputation as a leading aviation hub.

With more than 30-years presence in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Thales has built strong partnerships with public sector organisations, including the Ministry of Transportation & Communication. Thales is one of the main local partners embedded in the Kingdom’s ecosystem, promoting localisation to develop sovereign capabilities in line with the Economic Vision 2030. Its local company intends to foster its contribution to the Kingdom’s ambitions to develop a knowledge-based economy with outstanding civil infrastructure and security, underpinned by a strong local industrial technology base to support growth, localisation, and industrialisation strategies.

Thales was subcontracted to supply an integrated solution covering security, safety, airport operation, communication, and infrastructure for the Bahrain International Airport terminal building, car parks, and Central Utility Complex. These technologies focus on smart security, including advanced modular solutions such as video analytics, abnormal behaviours or conditions detection, smart incident management and resource management tools. Thanks to its long-standing experience in the air mobility industry, airport security and identity management. Thales provides a full-integrated offer to secure and optimise every operation in the airport.

By centralizing airport operations management, Bahrain International Airport is guaranteed high business continuity and traffic flow within the airport. This will also reduce waiting times while ensuring the best possible safety conditions, improving passenger experience and increasing infrastructure performance. Thales solutions also enable the production of relevant performance indicators (KPIs) to inform decision-makers in real-time and make the organization more efficient.

“We have ensured that Bahrain International Airport has been equipped with the latest smart and innovative solutions. This guarantees optimum protection for passengers, staff and facilities, and meets the demand for enhanced security at the new airport by the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications and Bahrain Airport Company.

Thales’s strength in innovation and digital technologies perfectly positions the group to become a preferred partner for aerospace, transportation and public security, the pillars of Bahrain’s smart city ambition,” Alain Correia, Managing Director, Thales Bahrain.

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