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Tadweer opens organic waste composting unit in Abu Dhabi

Facility uses a compost machine that converts organic waste materials into biologically stable substances.

Abu Dhabi –  Abu Dhabi Waste Management Center, Tadweer announced the opening of its organic waste composting unit in Abu Dhabi as part of the Center’s plan to encourage both corporate and individual involvement in reducing organic waste.

Opened in the presence of Dr Salem Al Kaabi, Director General of Tadweer, and senior officials from the relevant departments, the unit will help turn organic waste into useful organic soil, leveraging its immense potential to contribute to the sustainable development of Abu Dhabi Emirate.

The facility will help transfer the waste management sector from burying waste to utilising waste as a resource. This goal will be achieved through eliminating the need for landfills and economically encouraging compost production that could solve the challenges facing organic waste management and at the same time guarantee ‘self-production’ of fertilizer for local agriculture. Doing so will contribute to the reduction of cost and environmental and health risks associated with the collection and transportation of organic waste.

To divert organic waste away from landfills, the facility uses a compost machine that converts organic waste materials into biologically stable substances that will significantly reduce soil pollution in the areas used as landfills.

This procedure will improve the overall operations of the organic fertilizer unit by effectively managing the conversion of organic waste into compost from collection to segregation, to treatment and storage, and the final distribution of organic fertilizer to end-users.

The unit utilizes the latest technology to manage the fermentation of organic waste through decomposing all types of organic waste into a highly compact fertilizer composition within 24 hours. When organic waste is added to the unit, a shredder shreds it into small pieces and a special composting enzyme decomposes it into compost. The machine also has a humidity sensor, heater, mixing blade, moisture control system and air ventilation system. The entire process is natural and biological and achieves 80-90 per cent volume reduction.

Dr Salem Al Kaabi, Director General of Tadweer, said: “organic waste composting unit in Abu Dhabi is aligned with Tadweer’s strategic plan to improve the quality of waste management services in the emirate through the optimal utilization of its resources and expertise. This supports the Abu Dhabi Environmental Vision 2030 that aims to ensure a safe, healthy and sustainable future for our society.”

“The management of organic waste is a top priority for Tadweer. Therefore, we work in close collaboration with our partners from the government and private sectors to develop innovative solutions that help reduce organic waste and turn it into a valuable resource for the emirate’s economy.”

“The organic waste composting unit incorporates the latest technologies to achieve Tadweer’s objective of reducing organic waste and diverting it away from landfills. This will significantly contribute to protecting public health and promoting the sustainable development of Abu Dhabi,” Al Kaabi added. – Wam

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