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Nedaa, Airbus sign new partnership at GITEX

Airbus’ Tactilon Agnet 500 and 800 and the Tactilon Dabat hybrid device will be deployed


Dubai — Nedaa, Professional Communication Corporation signed a new partnership agreement with Airbus at the ongoing GITEX Technology Week 2020 in Dubai for the deployment of mission-critical communication solutions.


Mansoor Bu Osaiba, Chief Executive Officer of Nedaa, and Walid Lahoud, Head of Sales Middle East and North Africa for Secure Land Communications at Airbus, inked the agreement during a signing ceremony held at Nedaa’s pavilion, which also hosts Airbus.

As part of the partnership, Airbus’ Tactilon Agnet 500 and 800 and the Tactilon Dabat hybrid device will be deployed through Nedaa’s private mission-critical 4G network starting 2021 to achieve stronger and faster response in the area of public safety coordination. Government entities, security and public safety authorities, first responders, event organisers, operation management departments and personnel of organisations across all vital sectors can leverage the solutions’ advanced features for a better communication support system.

Tactilon Dabat, a 4G smartphone and a Tetra radio in a single device is designed to enable users to smoothly transition between Tetra and LTE network services. The Tactilon Agnet 500 and 800 collaboration platforms, on the other hand, offers secure push-to-talk and messaging services with accurate location tracking, voice and messaging, video sharing and other multimedia functions, allowing communication between different technologies of mission-critical networks and devices, in case of emergencies that require rapid assessment and response or monitoring of ongoing operations.

Tactilon Agnet can be fully incorporated into a Tetra network to achieve a hybrid work environment. At the heart and brains of a Tetra, the network is Airbus’ Taira Tetra Server, a key building block for evolving Tetra networks to hybrid and broadband LTE.

Bu Osaiba said, “Airbus’ extensive portfolio of wireless communication and integrated solutions is renowned for empowering mission-critical, public safety and security teams in Dubai and the UAE as they respond to any emergency or crisis. Further, by enabling Airbus to deploy its solutions through our 4G network, Nedaa is reinforcing its capability to provide all concerned entities with superior communication services.”

“To deliver and remain consistent in our promise, both Nedaa and Airbus will provide the best available technologies that are compatible with international standards and necessary to support critical mobile communication systems with innovative functions and features. We look forward to another fruitful collaboration with the Nedaa,” Lahoud added.-WAM

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