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McAfee names ThreatQ SIA partner of the year

ThreatQuotient was selected by the SIA partner team

McAfee names ThreatQ SIA partner of the year

ThreatQuotient™, a leading security operations platform innovator, announced the company was named McAfee’s 2020 Global Security Innovation Alliance (SIA) Partner of the Year for the second year in a row. ThreatQuotient was selected by the SIA partner team for demonstrated technical innovation, market leadership, and strategic value that complements the McAfee solution portfolio.


Security operations teams use the ThreatQ platform to prioritize threat intelligence, quickly deploy threat data to existing sensor grids and focus workflows on reducing time to detection (TTD) and response time (TTR). ThreatQ supports multiple use cases including incident response, threat hunting, spear phishing, alert triage, vulnerability management and serving as a threat intelligence platform. ThreatQuotient’s partnership with McAfee includes integrations for these use cases and future use cases by adapting to changing business needs.

“ThreatQuotient is honoured to be a two-time winner of this SIA award. McAfee has hundreds of partners offering cutting edge technology, and we feel that this award reinforces ThreatQuotient’s commitment to the success of our customers as well as our partnership with McAfee,” said Matt McCormick, SVP of Corporate and Business Development, ThreatQuotient. “ThreatQ supports over 200 feed and product integrations out of the box provides easy-to-use tools for custom integrations and streamlines threat operations and management across existing infrastructures. We value McAfee’s continued partnership and shared belief that threat data and intelligence are a critical piece of today’s cyber defences.”

McAfee SIA program

The McAfee SIA program enables organizations to embrace flexibility through certified, integrated solutions from industry-leading providers to ensure they have the tools and resources needed to stay protected and ensure the business keeps operating. By acting as a central repository of global threat intelligence, ThreatQ™ can correlate and enhance that intelligence against events gathered from various McAfee sources. These integrations expand the capability to distribute actionable intelligence to multiple security teams in an automated and near-real-time distribution architecture, increasing security operations’ effectiveness and accelerating detection and response.

“For the second year in a row, ThreatQuotient met McAfee’s detailed criteria for Most Valuable Partner, which covers the breadth and depth of multiple integrations, and close business engagement with McAfee,” said Javed Hasan, global head of enterprise products strategy and alliances, McAfee. “Since joining the SIA program in early 2017, ThreatQuotient’s threat-centric approach to security operations has shown consistent value. ThreatQuotient was recently among the inaugural partners to launch with McAfee’s MVISION Marketplace, and they also closed the most deals within the SIA programs. We look forward to our continued partnership in 2021.”

Integrations between ThreatQ and McAfee include, but are not limited to: 

  • MVISION Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)
  • Advanced Threat Defense (ATD)
  • Enterprise Security Manager (ESM)
  • Threat Intelligence Exchange (TIE)
  • Active Response (MAR)
  • Network Security Manager (NSM)
  • Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

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