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MARS Petcare launches TEMPTATIONS™, cat treat, in India

Brand TEMPTATIONS™ in India

Mumbai – MARS Petcare, the world’s leading pet food company, is launching the internationally-recognised cat treat brand TEMPTATIONS™ in India. The product is recognised worldwide as a fun, playful treating experience for cats and their owners. TEMPTATIONS™ will be available in more than 180 cities from the 7th of December 2020.

TEMPTATIONS™ Treats are nutritionally balanced snacks that are crunchy on the outside and with delicious filling in the centre. These treats provide all the right nutrients for cats in the amounts needed. Each treat has about two calories and it is recommended that owners feed up to 15 treats per 4.5 kg of the cat’s body weight, but it is best to consult a veterinarian regarding your cat’s weight management.

Ganesh Ramani - General Manager MARS Petcare
Ganesh Ramani – General Manager MARS Petcare

Ganesh Ramani, General Manager, MARS Petcare India, said: “Along with a balanced diet, cat treats to strengthen the bond between cats and pet parents. So, we are very excited to launch TEMPTATIONS™ in India. These treats are healthy with the goodness of proteins, vitamins and minerals and have only 2 calories each, so you can indulge your cat without worry. They are also a great way to strengthen your bond with your cat, who’s curious by nature and will come running to you every time they hear the sound of the treat packet opening. We hope to make the world a better place for all cats and their owners, and we know that pet enjoyment and nutrition are key to the pet parent’s choice of food or treats.”


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