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Mango invests 42 million euro on the new corporate campus

The MANGO Campus, which will be fully operational in 2024


Mango invests 42 million euro for a new corporate campus

MANGO continues its transformation by creating a new corporate building at the company’s facilities in Palau-solità i Plegamans (Barcelona). The new MANGO Campus will serve as a motor of transformation and evolution for the organisation, in line with its culture.

The project will involve a total investment of 42 million euros, half of which has already been spent on refurbishing some of the buildings located at the company headquarters. The remainder of the investment will be spent on the construction of 20,000 m2 of new office space. MANGO plans to commence the building works for this new site in late 2021. The MANGO Campus will be fully operational in 2024.

The MANGO Campus will have a total surface area of 93,400 m2, of which 61,000 m2 will be allocated to office space. It has been conceived as an R+D+I centre that will optimise all MANGO employees’ professional development while also guaranteeing the required flexibility to face the changing future needs of the company.

For Toni Ruiz, the CEO of MANGO, “the new MANGO Campus will need to be a motor of change for the organisation. We want to promote a new way of working that will allow all our employees to work according to customer-centricity, which should govern all our decisions and initiatives. We are committed to building a company culture by empowering our employees so that they can lead initiatives that will become the principal levers of change of the company”.

Attracting talent

The MANGO Campus will serve as a gateway to attract both national and international talent and to promote it through optimal tools professionals need to do their job, both in terms of the design of workspace and the provision of the latest technologies.

With this project, MANGO aims to create a leading ecosystem and go one step further in the way it works. The MANGO Campus aims to generate a new way of collaborating, connecting, learning and innovating within the organisation. Flexible, open and inclusive workspaces designed to foster collaboration and community creation while promoting all employees’ well-being with a unique and integrated culture. An environment will be created that combines both digital and analogue technology, and at the same time, inspires all employees to promote creativity.

“The new MANGO Campus has to be a leading platform for developing new fashion, inspired by talent and innovation. A workspace in which design, training and sustainability lead the way in a phygital environment with people and our customers at the centre. In short, it is a new way of working that is impregnated with our brand values and the culture of a company like MANGO, with a distinct Mediterranean spirit”, Toni Ruiz adds.

A building with sustainable characteristics

Continuing MANGO’s commitment to sustainability as one of its strategic policies, the building criteria for the new offices include measures to improve energy efficiency through sunlight and low-energy lighting. It also plans the production of solar energy, the use of systems to monitor energy consumption, and the installation of electric charging stations for its employees’ vehicles.

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