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Kido Education launches one of a kind virtual platform for early years

A lot of schools and nurseries within the region switched to some element of online learning and support during the pandemic

DUBAI-Focusing on the current needs of parents and the requirements of families in the region, Kido Education, a global network of nurseries based out of 5 countries, has developed and curated a one of a kind platform – Kido Home – for the early years education sector – and has launched in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, coinciding with their global launch in Hong Kong, India and the United States. It has already received over-whelming demand across the region with more than 1500 families of all nationalities registering interest and trial lessons, and classes filling up fast. Kido Home not only caters to the ever widening gap in the availability of affordable quality education to all, but also helps to grapple with the pandemic that has shaken establishments across the globe.

Kido’s Regional CEO, Umair Tariq, highlighted, “A lot of schools and nurseries within the region switched to some element of online learning and support during the pandemic. Kido Home was however always designed as an affordable and highly accessible Global Program which will be a mix of online and home-based activities and lessons designed to achieve high all-round development in children. It is an alternative to a Nursery, not just a backup, available from Ras-Al-Khaimah to Jeddah. Utilizing our interactive technology, we will have international teachers from London and language teachers from other places delivering a high quality online preschool education to children at a very affordable price point in the region as well. We are launching Kido Home at only AED / SAR 1500 a month, with discounts for our founder parents and the first two weeks being absolutely free for all parents in the UAE and Saudi.”

The Kido Home programme is customized to every child and then delivered to them via state of the art interactive sessions through specially designed apps. The team at Kido Education have spent the last year researching and developing the best combination of online and offline sessions. When the children are offline they are able to watch daily videos of their teachers meticulously showing them how to make the craft or activity, which then the children are encouraged to show and share with their teachers and friends in the online session following after.

Teachers, who are trained by Kido’s global trainers, lead these classes in small ratios to give personalized attention to each child’s movements and learning progress, with regular assessments. The global chain of nurseries also facilitates weekly one on one sessions with each child for focused attention and customization to the abilities of each toddler. The interactive screen apps specially curated for this programme make it a one of a kind platform that is currently not being used by any other nurseries in the region.

Addressing concerns on screen time and the effectiveness of online learning in the preschool segment, Kido Education highlighted studies by the American Association of Paediatricians, which state that “the interactivity of new media via touchscreens allows apps to “know” whether a child is responding accurately and tailor responses, reinforcement, and next steps to the child’s input. Theoretically, this may increase educational potential by providing scaffolding to build skills at the child’s edge of competence.”

The research also points that “at 24 months of age, a child can learn words from live video-chatting with a responsive adult or from carefully designed, interactive screen interfaces that prompt the child to tap on relevant learning items. Starting at 15 months of age, toddlers can learn novel words from touchscreens.”

Apart from Math, literacy, STEM, art, the global pre-school also places equal emphasis on life skills, physical and emotional development. Kido children can start picking up languages like Arabic, French, Mandarin and Spanish from early on as children have the best learning capabilities between the ages of two to six.

With a healthy parental/adult support through these classes, the pre-school also ensures that working parents can balance their lives well. With the low investment required, anybody with a spare tablet, laptop or desktop can enrol their children into the programme and give their child the best of international preschool education all from the comforts of their home.

Kido Home aims at breaking down all the barriers that young families face in the challenging times of today, where they are able to ensure a high quality and consistent education for their children, at a fraction of the cost, all in the comfort of their homes.

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