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‘Hope and Positivity’ themed DIFC Art Nights

DIFC Art Nights begins this Thursday

‘Hope and Positivity’ themed DIFC Art Nights.

Celebrate Dubai’s vibrant art scene and local talent at the 11th edition of the popular bi-annual DIFC Art Nights. Themed on the sentiments of hope and positivity, the much-awaited, two-day (1 – 2 April 2021) event at Gate Village will start this Thursday from 6 pm onwards to showcase thought-provoking creative art pieces from emerging and established artists.

DIFC Art Nights will exhibit an exceptional breadth of art installations, sculptures, and paintings looking towards the future and creating positive experiences for the residents and visitors.

Visitors can expect to be transported into a world of creativity and inspiration as they enjoy eclectic art pieces from galleries such as Christie’s, Opera Gallery, Sconci Gallery, Sotheby’s, Tabari Art Space, Andakulova Gallery, Van De Goudenberg, Legacy Art, Anyahh Art and DB Artworks as well as organisations such as The Farjam Foundation, alongside workshops, alfresco dining, and shopping at 350+ retail and dining outlets.

Other inspiring and meaningful artworks will be showcased, including the famous metal bar audio-visual installation by Lebanese-Syrian graphic designer Ranim Al Halaky; intricate neon art pieces created by Charlotte de Belle; a beautiful painting titled ‘Sky above Dubai, 2021’, made of plastic bags by Kazakhstan-based visual artist Saule Suleimenova; a playful installation created with reflective strips to celebrate the dynamic culture by Karim Tamerji; ‘Hymning of Shadows’, a collaborative installation depicting discovery in times of change and transformation by Hamzat Wasl Studio and bronze sculpture titled ‘Drums of War’ by Muatasim Alkubaisy.

Join the event for a unique experience and be inspired by the local, regional, and global art in the region’s most desirable business and lifestyle destination. Admission is complimentary, and visitors can attend from 6 pm to 10 pm on both evenings. For more details, please visit: DIFC Art Nights | Dubai International Financial Centre

DIFC Art Nights – Galleries Participants 

Gallery Name Anyahh Art

Name of Artists/Exhibition Ajay Samir, Anand Dabli, Nawal Kishore, Ranjeet Sarkar, Om Swami

Brief of Exhibition AnYahh!! Art is a Leading brand of affordable art with galleries in India and Dubai. Voted as the “Best Art Gallery”, AnYahh!! Offers over 2000 Original Affordable Artworks in Dubai alone. AnYahh!! Endeavours to encourage and promote emerging talented Artists from across the globe and showcase the talent through its three global art galleries. Working closely with architects and interior design companies, AnYahh!! Art has successfully serviced over a thousand art-projects in the region. With over 200 artists in its strong portfolio, AnYahh!! Can commission art as per specifications and wants of the interior project.


Social Media Instagram – @anyahh_art_dubai 


Gallery Name Opera Gallery

Name of Artists/Exhibition – Shepard Fairey, exhibition- Future Mosaic

Brief of Exhibition Opera Gallery Dubai was established in the DIFC in 2008. We feature a curated selection of Modern Masters and established contemporary artists in part of the Opera Gallery Group.

For this edition of Art Week, the gallery hosts the first solo show in the region for American artist Shepard Fairey. Comprised of over 150 artworks and aptly titled “Future Mosaic”, the gallery wanted to feature the artist’s extensive range of medium while initiating a discussion with collectors in a part of the world he had never explored before.


Social Media Instagram –  @operagallery 


Gallery Name Andakulova Gallery

Name of Artists/Exhibition – Saule Suleimenova/ Exhibition- PLASTIC: THE LAST HERO OF THE GREAT STEPPE – THE ART OF SAULE SULEIMENOVA

Brief of Exhibition – Andakulova Gallery, Dubai, has the privilege of presenting the works of artist Saule Suleimenova from Kazakhstan with an inaugural on 09th March 2021. The exhibition will run till 09th October 2021.

Suleimenova is a visual artist who works with edge-of-the-art techniques and media, including recycled plastic, cellophane and polycarbonate. In a recent daring departure, she worked with collages on plastic bags and created cellophane painting. Her artwork is made of plastic bags glued on to polycarbonate sheets.

Pieces of colourful plastic bags are glued with melted silicon glue covering polycarbonate or plastic bags on polyethene. Some of the bags are branded with names from boutiques, retail shops, supermarkets, or are just garbage bags.


Social Media, 


Gallery Name The Farjam Foundation

Name of Artists Abdul Qader Al Rais, Hassan Sharif, Hussain Sharif, Mohamed Ahmed Ibrahim, Mohammed Kazem, Abdul Rahim Salim, Sheikha Alyazia Bint Nahyan Al Nahyan,

 Farah Al Qasimi, Lamya Gargash, Meira Huraiz, Afra Al Dhaheri, Hashel Al Lamki, Musab Al Rais

Name of Exhibition Concepts and The Divine Abstract

Emirati Masterpieces From The Farjam Collection

Brief of Exhibition     Celebrating the UAE’s contemporary art scene pioneers, The Farjam Foundation’s current exhibition, Concepts and the Divine Abstract, invites viewers to experience a group exhibition featuring thirteen renowned Emirati artists, from the revolutionary modern masters to the new generation of creative luminaries. The exhibition showcases a range of art forms, including paintings, photography, and sculpture, that combine to create a symbiotic sense of dynamic movement.

The Exhibition is open to the public from March 29th from 10 am until 8 pm on weekdays.


Social Media @thefarjamfoundation


Gallery Name Legacy Marketing & Artistic Events DMCC

Name of Artists ZOE CONNERY,


Name of Exhibition N/A

Brief of Exhibition Best Artworks on Easels


Social Media Instagram – @legacy_art_dubai


Gallery Name Sotheby’s

Name of Artists/Exhibition Beyond the Auction Room

Brief of Exhibition The display will showcase a cross-category private selling exhibition of contemporary art, watches, jewellery and Fabergé.


Social Media Instagram – @sothebys


Gallery Name Van de Goudenberg Art Gallery

Name of Artists/Exhibition The Forest of Shapes by Ioannis Kadras

Brief of Exhibition In this series, the artist experiments with shapes, patterns, and colours using construction materials disposed of. The ‘Forest of Shapes’ was created as an Upcycled Art project where the materials were repurposed to promote art more sustainably and increase awareness of environmental conservation.


Social Media Instagram – @goudenberg_art, Facebook – @goudenbergart


Charlotte de Belle

The Cube, 2018

100 cm x 100 cm x 100 cm

Traditional Neon Light in glass with metal structure

A Sikka Participating Artist

“The Cube” represents a well-known Arabic pattern called mashrabiya. Due to its perspective, “The Cube” shows the complexity of the Arabic Culture often seen and judge from one angle in the world. But for the artist, this culture is discreet and founded on several layers. Each neon tube represents some of the most important aspects of Arab society and shows with some intricate shapes like human shapes how this culture brings a whole community together.


Karim Tamerji

Spontaneous Coincidences, 2021

37.5 meters x 3.5 meters

Hand-cut reflective strips

The mesmerizing and playful movement of the reflective strips stimulates a multidimensional interaction between people, environmental energy, and architectural context.
This site-specific installation emphasizes people’s presence and movement and metaphorically celebrates a dynamic culture by reflecting visual diversity in a contemporary environment.


Hamzat Wasl Studio

Hymning of Shadows, 2021

300 x 300 x 270 cm


A collaborative installation by Hamzat Wasl, Amal Al Sahlawi and Saeed Al Madani.

The installation portrays discovery in times of change and transformation.
Here, the artists explore the notion that we tend to fall prey to our subconscious during times of change and are easy to acts, behaviours, deeds, and sins have driven by our subconscious, as puppets would.

The question lies if the conscious mind is the afterimage of the journey endeavoured if the imprints we create are to matter to the situation we are put through.


Studio Nada Debs for Zuleya by FBMI 

Transcendence Prayer Carpets, 2021

140cm x 76cm

Hand-woven wool

Meticulously hand-woven and divinely inspired, spiritual carpets’ collection reflects Nada Debs vision to unite people, places, and culture through spirituality. This connection’s defining design factor is the arched doorway and dome, re-created within the carpet weave and reminiscent of religious architecture. The alternating linear pattern evokes a sense of depth, transporting a person into another dimension of spiritual harmony, while the different textures on the carpet serve to awaken tactile senses.


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