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Gargash and Merex Investment sign agreement

Agreement signed to announce World's first AMG Store at City Walk

Gargash and Merex Investment sign agreement

An agreement has been signed between Gargash Group and Merex Investment at City Walk Dubai to mark the official commencement of development work at the upcoming Gargash AMG Store and Weslodge Saloon. With this agreement, Gargash Group will extend its Mercedes-Benz sales network with a new format that offers performance luxury and unmatched lifestyle customer experience.

Gargash is setting a new benchmark in delivering Mercedes-AMG brand experience with the world’s first AMG Store being launched in the UAE, in an arrangement with Merex Investment. By mid-2021, the new AMG Store and Gargash’s Weslodge will open their doors in City Walk, a leading lifestyle destination in the heart of Dubai, sharing a vibrant location with major attractions including the Coca-Cola Arena and The Green Planet. The AMG Store facility will also have an exclusive selection of high-quality lifestyle accessories. The service mix offered will be the first of its kind worldwide, and the differentiated offering will allow AMG to attract new customer segments for the brand.

Speaking about this agreement, Shehab M. Gargash, Group MD & CEO of Gargash, said, “City Walk as a destination is representative of the culminating and inclusive lifestyle experience that today’s consumers are looking for. Brands in today’s world are selling experiences beyond the regular product acquisition journey and therefore need to expand their brand touchpoints to lifestyle destinations such as City Walk.

Our first standalone AMG Store’s launch with its unique lifestyle format will be a significant addition to our well-developed UAE network offering an exclusive brand experience to AMG lovers. We are also pleased to announce the arrival of our F&B brand, Weslodge, to the City Walk premises. Gargash remains committed to enhancing our customer experience, and our strategic expansion plans are all reflective of this commitment.”

Shahram Shamsaee, CEO, Merex Investment, commented on City Walk’s newest arrival, “City Walk is a destination that has been designed mindfully to showcase brands and experiences to its visitors and residents. We welcome the addition of the AMG Store to Happiness Street at City Walk.

Our connection with automotive has been formed through our annual showcases of vintage and modified cars and events that cater to auto-enthusiasts. The destination has been a natural hub for luxury automotive lifestyle, and we believe that the AMG Store will only underpin our commitment to growing this part of our community”.

At the AMG Store, a wide range of vehicles encompassing the latest models will be available for test drives, and visitors will be able to experience the true fascination of motor racing. The upcoming AMG Store architecture builds on the familiar and established design features of the AMG Brand Centres while also integrating a series of individual elements that emphasise the format’s unique character. Reflecting the facility’s experience-based focus, the brand’s image conveyed here is very much oriented towards motorsport and performance luxury, allowing visitors an authentic sense of being part of the “World’s Fastest Family”.

Representing F&B alongside AMG Store and its exclusive Cafe, Weslodge combines warm hospitality with intricate details taking the customers on an authentic and innovative culinary journey with tables filled with generosity and plates filled with flavours. With a wholeheartedly crafted menu available for lunch and dinner, guests will be able to indulge in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere that will appeal to foodies, auto-enthusiasts and beyond.

With this quintessential combination between automotive, F&B and lifestyle, the UAE market will enjoy an innovative concept aligned with the AMG brand’s growth objectives. As a pillar of the physical brand presence, the new AMG Store will provide strategic momentum for its future development and the associated opportunities to extend its reach to new audiences.

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