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ENOC Group opens a new service station in Deira

Total number of service stations to 149 across the UAE

ENOC Group opens a new service station in Deira

ENOC Group announced that it had opened a new service station located at Al Rasheed Road in Dubai. This marks the total number of service stations to 149 across the United Arab Emirates.

The new service station located on Al Rasheed Road in Dubai will cater to residents and motorists in Deira and the others passing through Al Rasheed Road.

The new service station is equipped with tandem three fuel canopies, four fuel tanks with a capacity of 12,000 Imperial Gallons, and stage one and two vapour recovery systems to reduce emissions during fuel storage refuelling vehicles. Fuel dispensers come with digital display solutions to further facilitate the fueling process and minimize room for error or leakage.

His Excellency Saif Humaid Al Falasi, Group CEO, ENOC, said: “Our service station expansion plans are part of ENOC’s wider growth strategy over the next few years to cater to the growing demand for fuel across the UAE. Our focus is to identify key locations that present an opportunity to build service stations to cater to the community’s demand for fuel.”

Deira is not only a densely populated community in Dubai. It holds a very renowned historical prominence, primarily due to its pivotal trade route routes and the Emirate’s historic and largest trade hub. As such, we understand that significance in ensuring the availability of uninterrupted and robust fuel supply to cater to demand in the area.” Added Al Falasi.

The dispensers installed at the service station are new generation dispensers with a retractable hose equipped to refuel cars with fuel tanks on both sides of the pumps. The fuel system has been designed to have the maximum permissible safe flow rate as per the National Fire Protection Association.

To elevate the service station’s sustainability standards, the lighting and illumination are zero maintenance, low voltage LED lights with a life span of 50,000 hours that ensure safety against electrical and fire hazards and reduce energy intensity by 50 per cent.

The service station also hosts the award-winning home-grown C-store ZOOM and Pronto to satisfy the customers’ food and beverage needs.

ENOC Group continues to urge customers to use ENOCPay, its contactless payment platform. Other modes of payments accepted include VIP and Dubai Now. Customers can also benefit from the ‘Yes’ rewards programme by earning points and rewards when paying for fuel, automotive services or for purchasing convenience store products and groceries; as well as F&B at all stations.

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