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EEG hosts aluminium recycling campaign, get ready to deposit on 7th of november.

Residents urged to join 24th edition of “The Can Collection Drive” #CCD2020

Dubai, : Emirates Environmental Group (EEG) invites all members of the society to participate in the 24th cycle of the annual “Can Collection Drive”. EEG, the first ISO 14001 certified NGO in the world continues to take actions to enhance environmental sustainability of the country.

The EEG Chairperson said: “We urge all members of the society  and encourage them to participate, as individuals, corporations, academic institutions, and the society at large and to deposit Aluminum Cans for recycling on the 7th of November. There are several designated deposit sites in Dubai; Zabeel Park, Al Barsha Pond Park, and the Almamzar Park in addition to the EEG office”.

She added  that the group’s keenness to take the highest levels of security, safety and prevention, and its commitment to precautionary measures to limit the spread of the Corona virus, has decided to open sites in Dubai only this year, noting that the campaign to collect Aluminum Cans that began in 1997 has become today the hallmark of environmental proaction in the United Arab Emirates.

This is the first action oriented campaign on the national level that has succeeded in uniting people from all sectors in an attempt to educate the masses regarding the ease of recycling Aluminium Cans and the tremendous  environmental, social and economic benefits that follow.

Since the inception of the Can Collection Campaign, EEG has collected 338,387 kg of Aluminum Cans for recycling. This has resulted in the mitigation of 5,079 metric tones of CO2 e, saving of 77,012 Million British Thermal Units of energy and saving of 8,214 m3 of landfill space. “ It is important to ensure that we do not take a step back from the progress made towards environmental sustainability. The disasters that occurred this year, from the huge forest fires to the pandemic has enunciated and reminded us on how fragile the ecosystem is and the importance of preserving the same “said Habiba Al Mar’ashi, chairperson of EEG.

EEG hosts aluminium recycling campaign, get ready to deposit on 7th of november.

Interested members of the society and entities can register via  and join EEG’s recycling movement to protect, help, and make UAE more sustainable. The residents of other emirates can still be part of this campaign. EEG will send vehicles on Thursday, 5th of November to collect Aluminium Cans from the participants in the other emirates.

EEG has set the collection target of 20,000 kg of Aluminium Cans for the year 2020. Till date, EEG has collected 42% of the target. EEG calls on everyone and urges all sectors of the society to be more active in their sustainability goals and continue to deposit Aluminium Cans at EEG office till the end of the year to help achieve the target.

EEG is grateful to Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA) for coming on board as a Co-sponsor of this campaign. EEG also expresses its appreciation to Dubai municipality for supporting this campaign since inception and to Dubai Tourism and the different Media Houses such as Gulf News and the Almurad Group (Channel 4 Radio Network) who have come on board to help spread the message of environmentalism amongst members of the society and encourage participation.

EEG is delighted to have logistical support from a number of its committed corporate members such as Lucky Recycling, Abela & Co, McDonald’s UAE and Tristar Group.

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