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Dynabook bolsters education with Satellite Pro E10-S

Satellite Pro E10-S, a new 11.6” device designed for learning, built for mobility, with enhanced durability, affordability, usability

Dynabook bolsters education with Satellite Pro E10-S

Dynabook Europe GmbH announces the Satellite Pro E10-S, a new 11.6” device designed for learning, built for mobility, with enhanced durability, affordability, usability and manageability.

School-proof sturdiness

The Satellite Pro E10-S has been built with all the essential design features to withstand school life’s tumbles and scrapes. Rubber bumpers protect the device from potential knocks on the move in school bags while also adding further at-desk grip. The notebook’s frame has been reinforced to withstand pressure and potential drops from a standard desk height*. Strengthened charging port, hinges and newly designed spill-resistant** and mechanically anchored keycaps have also been rigorously tested to provide further durability, even after prolonged use. The E10-S can also open 180 degrees for easy screen sharing and to prevent hinge damage from overextension. Besides, with its ‘fan-less design, it’ll be a quiet companion in any classroom. 

Affordability that lasts a lifespan

The E10-S provides excellent value for money, helping to stretch education budgets further. The device meets Microsoft’s Shape the Future Program requirements, which enables schools to get preferential pricing for qualifying Windows 10 devices.

Dynabook has carefully selected the device’s components to extend its lifespan and provide long-term value for money. For example, an SSD offers more durability and longevity than its HDD counterpart, reducing the need for repair if the laptop is dropped or shaken while operating.

“We have over 30 years of experience in the education sector. Over that time, and even more so in the face of school closures over the last year, we’ve seen technology become a vital enabler both in the classroom and at home,” said Damian Jaume, President, Dynabook Europe GmbH. “Every school or college may be unique, but what remains constant is the need for reliable, easy-to-manage, sturdy and secure devices. The Satellite Pro E10-S has been carefully engineered with all of these factors in mind, so teachers and students alike know they can rely on it to support successful, uninterrupted learning.” 

Seamless learning anywhere

Starting from 1.15kg and measuring 19.9mm, the E10-S is easily carried from class-to-class or class-to-home. Its 11.6” HD LCD anti-glare matte screen keeps students engaged through a clear display in any environment while reducing eyestrain. Simultaneously, its spacious keyboard and large Precision TouchPad make with Gesture support for comfortable notetaking, research and content creation.

With up to 10-hour battery life¹ that will last the entire school day and beyond, students can learn for longer without the plugin’s need. Dual-core Intel® Celeron™ processors mean the device can not only be re-booted in seconds at the beginning of a lesson but is also able to keep multiple digital learning applications running all day smoothly. The E10-S’s USB Type-C universal port ensures power, display, and data can be accessed in one go to limit cable clutter within the classroom. The device is also equipped with two USB 3.0 Type-A and LAN ports, while a standard HDMI lets any aspiring presenter steal the show. When it comes to wireless, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities, get students online and connected instantly.

What’s more, with remote and digital learning seeing a significant rise in the last year, an HD camera, stereo speakers, and dual microphones with noise-cancellation make the E10-S the perfect companion for students to thrive in any environment, be it remote or classroom-based learning.

Uncomplicated manageability and security

Important for any school IT department, the E10-S simplifies software and security management – even remotely. The device is configurable with Microsoft’s Intune for Education, including Windows Autopilot***, making it easy for IT education administrators to pre-configure, maintain, and even retire student and teacher laptops with little to no infrastructure.

To protect the privacy of school data, the E10-S combines firmware-based Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0 encryption, Dynabook’s BIOS, as well as supervisor password capabilities and an optional fingerprint reader.

To complete the in-class or at-home learning experience, users can pair the Satellite Pro E10-S with the Dynabook Wireless Keyboard & Mouse (KL50M).

The Satellite Pro E10-S will be available in the Middle East and North Africa from May 2021, pending certification. For more information about the Dynabook range, please visit

*Meets Japanese ‘Denanho Step 2’ battery drop test requirements. Standard desk height for 11 years to adult approximately 71cm

**Up to 30ml

***Dependent on the configuration of the device. Customisation options are available to meet a school’s unique requirements

¹ measured with Mobile Mark™ 2014. Mobile Mark is a trademark of Business Applications Performance Corporation

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