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Dubai’s IBC Group pledges 100,000 Bitcoin

largest Bitcoin investment to support setup of the Miami 2.0 Blockchain Strategy Foundation

Dubai’s IBC Group pledges 100,000 Bitcoin

Khurram Shroff, the Chairman of Dubai’s IBC Group, a noted Arab Whale, and the poster child of blockchain technology in the Middle East and Asia, has pledged 100,000 Bitcoin (current value of USD 4.8 Billion) to set up the Miami 2.0 Blockchain Strategy Foundation and many other related Joint Venture Projects. Mr Shroff’s backing of Miami 2.0 Blockchain Strategy could turbo-charge use of the cryptocurrency, which is estimated to transact USD 200 Billion per day, by the end of 2021.

The pledge by IBC group, the largest in Bitcoin history, will be significant in facilitating digital-currency adoption across multiple industries and critical in aiding Miami’s vision to integrate Bitcoin in everyday transactions. An avid supporter of Ethereum 2.0, Khurram Shroff was instrumental in its beacon chain reaching the required threshold for its launch in November 2020. As of this article’s date, the beacon chain has more than USD 5 Billion worth of Ether staked to secure the Ethereum Proof of Stake (ETH2.0) to enable decentralized finance, including DeFI and DaPPs.

IBC Group was recently approached by landmark U.S based real-estate developer Burkhan World Investment LLC, to increase the adoption of the blockchain technology in Real Estate and enable efficiencies in government and private sectors. “Making the largest Bitcoin investment in history is proof of our commitment to assisting cities in adopting Blockchain, which we see as the key to enabling widespread adoption,” reiterated Khurram Shroff.

Burkhan currently has over US$1 billion worth of Real Estate projects in Miami in its pipeline that are being empowered with technological innovation. “Enabling investment into Real Estate utilizing Bitcoin as a collateral asset will further enhance its use case as a tool to create a hybrid investment vehicle for BTC holders,” said Shahal Khan, Burkhan’s CEO and Founder, “Economic debt coupled with a favourable hedge for BTC holders in stable long-term assets such as Real Estate, are a double win for digital currency holders as well as developers and property owners.”

Inspired by Miami’s Mayor Francis Suarez’s commitment to the blockchain, both IBC and Burkhan are looking forward to being a part of Miami’s strategic tech vision. In a recent interview, while talking about integrating bitcoin into certain government transactions, Mayor Suarez said, “Cities like Miami, we’re trying to attract tech town. It’s part of a larger play to position Miami as one of the most tech-forward cities in the country.”

The mayor’s announcement sparked The Miami 2.0 Blockchain Strategy Foundation that will help Miami achieve its ambition to be a leading technological hub in the United States, by leveraging on 3 strategic pillars: Government Efficiency, Tech Industry Attraction, and Effective Leadership.

IBC Group has always commended the government of Dubai is leading the world with its Blockchain strategy. It believes that Miami can align itself with Dubai and become the first city to run on blockchain in the United States completely.

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