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DFM approves BH Mubasher as market maker

BH Mubasher to now provide liquidity to companies listed on the Dubai Financial Market

DFM approves BH Mubasher

DUBAI-Dubai Financial Market has approved BH Mubasher– a leading company in the UAE’s financial market- as a Market Maker. The move authorises BH Mubasher to now provide liquidity to companies listed on the Dubai Financial Market.

Abdel Hadi Al Saadi, Chief Executive Officer of BH Mubasher, said “We are pleased to have been approved as a Market Maker by Dubai Financial Market (DFM), which will be a valuable addition the range of services provided to clients, at the highest quality and credibility. This step will enable DFM listed companies to enhance the liquidity of shares and achieve a buy/sell balance with BH Mubasher.”

Al Saadi praised the efforts of Dubai Financial Market for supporting the facilitation of providing more ways to grow businesses and strengthen the overall economic development, saying: “Our thanks go to Dubai Financial Market for recognising BH Mubasher as a trusted financial company, and an integral part of the UAE’s capital market infrastructure. This approval will strengthen our position at the forefront of the financial markets in the UAE and beyond.”

Hassan Al Serkal, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Dubai Financial Market said: “The DFM spares no effort to provide its participants with new services to strengthen trading activities and achieve supply/demand balance, in collaboration with our strategic partners of leading brokerage firms. Over the past years, the DFM has developed world-class regulatory frameworks that reinforce its leading position and attractiveness and create a favourable environment for market-making and other trading mechanisms in line with international best practices. Accordingly, we are delighted to welcome BH Mubasher as the 6 licensed service provider and look forward to seeing the market-making service gaining further momentum, which will benefit listed companies, investors and brokerage firms alike.”

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