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Davinci Gourmet announces expansion in the ME

DaVinci Gourmet ventures into new markets in 2021 including Kuwait, Oman, Iraq, Egypt & UAE

Davinci Gourmet announces expansion in the ME.

The global leader in the Beverage industry, DaVinci Gourmet, announces further expansion in the Middle East market, offering a wide range of smart beverage solutions to consumers, baristas and F&B partners across Kuwait, Oman, Iraq, Egypt & UAE. Following its successful launch in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia in 2019, DaVinci Gourmet is bringing its innovative offering to other countries across the region in 2021.

DaVinci Gourmet is widely acclaimed for being a contemporary beverage brand that provides Barista created products packed with higher fruit content ingredients to elevate the taste and texture with just a sip.

The brand has bought to the Middle East a truly premium range, empowering baristas and mixologists to create limitlessly using the carefully crafted premium quality syrups, sauces, fruit mixes and beverage mixes, packed with rich flavours, offering an elevated multi-sensorial experience. The brand enters the Middle East market with one vision in mind, offering their clientele a one-of-a-kind beverage experience, working with beverage creators to broaden possibilities and develop delicious and unique drinks that resonate with residents locally.

Innovation is at the centre of everything the brand does, offering phenomenal flavour & perfect form in every drink, whether icy cold or steaming hot. DaVinci Gourmet crafted product range is made using higher fruit content and authentic fruit flavours instead of false sweetness, offering an enriching taste like no other. The brand sources its ingredients from around the world, and meticulously oversees the operations all the way from sourcing, to production up until delivery of finished goods to ensure optimal quality.

The Davinci Gourmet range comes in five different categories: Classic Syrups, True to Fruit Syrups, Sauces, Fruit Mixes, and Powdered Mixes. DaVinci Gourmet’s exclusive Classic Syrups are made with the finest ingredients to deliver truer flavour and aroma. True to Fruit Syrups are formulated with real fruit ingredients and come in Super Berries & Pomelo Grapefruit’s unique flavours. The line is crafted with 100% pure cane sugar with high fruit content, thus retaining true flavour until the very last sip.

The signature sauces available in the Middle East are designed to instantly expand the taste, quality, and texture of a beverage. Baristas prefer them across the world for their ease of use, pumpability, solubility and unique flavour delivery in the application. The fruit and powdered mixes are crafted with fruit puree blends and ingredients that provide a burst of flavour to any beverage, creating a richer, creamier mouthfeel experience.

Davinci Gourmet announces expansion in the ME
Mat Baker, General Manager, DaVinci Gourmet

We are thrilled to be setting sail into more regions in 2021”, said Mat Baker, General Manager, DaVinci Gourmet. “Over the years, the Middle East has become the leading destination around the world in the field of innovation in food and beverage, with several international concepts paving their way through.

Being one of the sole suppliers for numerous household name brands, our vision at DaVinci Gourmet, through the launch across Kuwait, Oman, Iraq, Egypt & UAE, is to cater to the region’s ever-growing beverage culture and varied taste buds, establishing the brand as a trusted partner to deliver delicious drinks to the end-customer. We are confident that, through the support & strength of all our partners & distributors across the region, we will be able to cement the brand in the hearts and minds of our distributors’ end customers.”

Inspired by Leonardo DaVinci’s pursuit of perfection, the brand has been following the three tenets of craft, science and art when creating their True to Fruit range of syrups and the Signature Sauces range.  The DaVinci Gourmet brand was founded 30 years ago in Seattle, the USA, with a vision to provide the best-tasting syrups and sauces for beverage industry professionals. Today, DaVinci Gourmet is one of the world’s leading beverages solutions brands thanks to unrivalled constant innovation and product quality and proposes a full palette of flavours for both coffee and mixology and hot or cold beverages.

DaVinci Gourmet understands that baristas and mixologists are real artists. Guided by this belief, the brand combines craft, science, and art to provide an amazing palette of flavours that empower drink makers to create their masterpieces. Following the co-creation philosophy, crafting each new product and recipe with real Baristas and Mixologists and using sensory science to help create deeper connections with consumers. Be it a coffee or cocktail, DaVinci Gourmet elevates taste and quality.

The DaVinci Gourmet range will be available across the Middle East starting March 2021 at leading coffee shops and online platforms.

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