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China’s luxury car Hongqi H9 launched in Dubai

Launching ceremony titled ‘Hongqi H9 Premiere’ for guests.

China’s Hongqi H9

Hongqi, a Chinese luxury car marque owned by the automaker FAW Car Company, and a subsidiary of FAW Group, unveiled its latest limousine model Hongqi H9 in Dubai. The full-sized Hongqi H9 luxury car has now started its presale to end-users at its Dubai showroom.

The charming Hongqi H9 with its elegant designs, supreme performance and comfortable and spacious deluxe senses was presented at a launching ceremony titled ‘Hongqi H9 Premiere’ for guests.

One Road Automotive Trading

During the event, Xie Qiyi, General Manager of One Road Automotive Trading, dealer of Hongqi in Dubai, spoke highly of their cooperation with Hongqi and introduced planning for future development and extended his sincere gratitude to guests present on site.

Li Xuhang, Consul General of China in Dubai, who was an honourable guest at the ceremony, congratulated the successful launch of Hongqi H9 in Dubai through video connection and expressed his confidence on Hongqi’s future development in Dubai.

James Luxbacher, General Manager of AVIS Dubai, a world-known automobile rental corporation, spoke highly of Hongqi brand and H9 model and expected more opportunities for future cooperation. Other guests present in the event included officials from the UAE Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA), elites of automobiles industry and representatives from Dubai Economic Daily, China Arab TV and many other media.


“The brand showcases to the world its advanced smart technologies and outstanding product designs and performance as proof of the strength of the Hongqi brand. Presently, Hongqi is implementing its strategy to go global with firm steps through the establishment of sales network in UAE, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia of the Middle East, in Myanmar and Cambodia of Southeast Asia and Norway of Europe,” said the car manufacturer in a statement.

“The Gulf Region holds strategic significance for Hongqi’s overseas development, and Dubai is an important strategic market in the Gulf Region. Hongqi launches H9 in Dubai market under the concept of “Extreme Standard for Extreme Requirement”, marking an important step for Hongqi’s development in Dubai in 2020. Many users in Dubai will be impressed by HongQi H9 as the benchmark of Chinese luxury car,” the statement further added.

As the dealer of HongQi to sell H9 in Dubai, One Road Automotive Trading offers support services, spare parts and technical support and will push forward the development of Hongqi in Dubai through joint efforts. In the future, Hongqi will start from Dubai to expand to other Arab countries with more expansive sales network and more diverse product portfolio, thereby extending its success in China to the Arab world. With more efforts and investments in network quality and coverage, Hongqi will bring better travelling experiences to users in Dubai as well as the Gulf Region.

FAW Hongqi is a Chinese luxury car marque with a long history. In China, Hongqi products were once made exclusively for major national events as well as high ranking government officials and outstanding business elites. Since 2018, Hongqi officially entered the mass market with a new strategy and started programs to transform and upgrade its brand and technologies.

Hongqi gained popularity among consumers of all classes in China with outstanding designs and qualities. The Chinese market alone saw 30000 Hongqi vehicles sold in 2018 and more than 100000 in 2019, up by 230 per cent; with the YTD sales volume reaching 178000 vehicles by November 2020, it is expected that sales volume of 2020 can hit 200,000 vehicles at another doubled growth rate.

The top brand luxury car in China has set its sales target for 2025 at 800, 000 vehicles globally. In the past two years, Hongqi presented its new products and new technologies in many world-class events such as CES in the USA, Frankfurt Auto Show, Dubai International Motor Show, and so on.

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