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Bruynzeel Storage Systems acquires American distributor

Acquisition of RDT Concepts with strong market position in American Mid-West

Bruynzeel Storage Systems acquires an American distributor.

The European market leader in mobile storage systems, Bruynzeel Storage Systems, with headquarters in Panningen, Netherlands, is taking over the American distributor RDT Concepts. With the acquisition, Bruynzeel strengthens its position in the American market in mobile and fixed storage systems. RDT Concepts has built a strong position in many Midwestern United States markets over the past decades. The US storage systems market is the largest in the world.

Expansion in the United States
With RDT Concepts’ acquisition, located in Ohio, Bruynzeel will gain more commercial opportunities in the American market. Until now, Bruynzeel used exclusive independent dealers in the US. Having a US office offers more possibilities to carry out larger projects in various markets. Bruynzeel Storage Systems has the ambition to significantly increase its sales in the coming years from $72 million to over $120 million in 2026. Due to its size and diversity, the American market is an important part of the growth ambition. Bruynzeel is considering making more acquisitions in the coming years in important geographic markets where it is active.

Building on the strong position of RDT Concepts
RDT Concepts has built a strong position and reputation over the past decades on which Bruynzeel wants to build. Ohio has a strategically important location with many clients in surrounding states such as Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Moreover, the new company, RDT Bruynzeel Storage Systems, will focus on new projects throughout the United States. Besides, the existing network of distributors will also carry out projects.

Large projects in various markets
In the US, Bruynzeel Storage Systems will target large projects in markets such as library, office (archives), museum, education, government (archives), retail and the healthcare markets. They will also focus on the growing requirements of (industrial) companies that want to keep more stock dependent on suppliers. During the Covid-19 crisis, deliveries of crucial parts were often delayed, sometimes resulting in costly production losses.

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