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AliExpress kicks off 2020 ‘11.11 global shopping festival

discount of up to 70% and reliable logistics to the Middle East

Dubai-As retailers from around the world gradually recover from the effects of a changing world, AliExpress has kicked off this year’s edition of the ‘11.11 Global Shopping Festival’. Themed “Shop Endless Wonders on AliExpress,” this year’s event will see three times more international merchants participating compared to last year.

Localized campaigns will offer fun shopping experiences and a variety of value-for-money choices for global online shoppers.

“11.11 Global Shopping Festival was first launched in 2009. After more than 10 years of development, it has undoubtedly become a phenomenal consumer festival all over the world. The Middle East and North Africa region is one of our key markets and through this campaign, AliExpress devotes millions of items with a discount of up to 70 percent and reliable logistics to our users here. We strive to introduce our platform to more consumers and attract them to discover diverse products and fun experiences through our festival.” said Jingyun Eason, Head of MENA Market, AliExpress.

Making more types of products available via cross-border marketplaces to address fluctuating purchasing power 

The OECD recently projected that increased accessibility to more products at more affordable prices would be significantly important market development, in the context of reductions in purchasing power from the pandemic-related economic fallout. In line with this, AliExpress has observed that consumers are becoming more cautious in making purchase decisions and turning to cross-border options for better prices.

AliExpress data shows an overall upward trending on Saudi Arabia GMV for categories like laptops, hair styling appliances, oral irrigators, and coffee makers, between April and August 2020.

  • 550 percent increase in GMV for Laptops
  • 360 percent increase in GMV for Hair Styling Appliances
  • 310 percent increase in GMV for Oral Irrigator
  • 100 percent increase in GMV for Coffee Makers

These shopping trends show that the consumers respond to the call to “Stay at home” in Saudi Arabia.

Upgraded infrastructure to address perennial logistics pain points

To provide a reliable and efficient delivery experience for the Festival, AliExpress is working closely with Alibaba Group’s logistics arm Cainiao Smart Logistics Network, and last-mile logistics partners to significantly shorten cross-border delivery times. During COVID-19, AliExpress Direct delivered packages within 18 working days for orders shipped to Saudi Arabia and the UAE. AliExpress has also actively responded to the Saudi government’s contactless delivery request, encouraging users to use electronic payment methods, leaving the package outside the door without contacting the recipient.

AliExpress resumed the Cash on Delivery service after the restriction was lifted in July 2020 and is monitoring the situation closely to make any adjustments if needed. The company gives high attention to human care, to protect the health of customers and business partners.

To expand product and service offerings, AliExpress has launched the world’s first warehouse for retail exports dedicated to bulky and heavy items in China, further reinforcing the platform’s commitment to seamless global e-commerce. Based in Guangdong, the warehouse is a bid by AliExpress to take the lead in solving the problem of cross-border logistics of large commodities weighing over 30 kg, closing the gap that has long been an unsolved issue for cross-border retail e-commerce logistics. Now, with just one click and at affordable shipping prices, heavy items like beds, bathtubs, and motorcycles can be transported right to the doorstep of overseas retail shoppers in one seamless flow.

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