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ADDED launches ‘TAHAQAQ’ verification service in Abu Dhabi

''TAHAQAQ'', a verification feature

Abu Dhabi — The Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development, ADDED, has announced ”TAHAQAQ”, a verification feature on the website of the Department’s Abu Dhabi Business Center, ADBC,, which allows companies, organisations and consumers to inquire about commercial licenses registered in Abu Dhabi.

The new feature, which provides basic information about business licenses issued by ADDED, seeks to protect the rights of business customers and consumers before making any transactions or signing sales and purchase contracts with any company. Consumers can enter the serial number of the e-commerce activity or the number of the commercial establishment’s license issued by the Department via the website, allowing them to verify the status of the license and its related activities accordingly.

Rashed Abdul Karim Al Blooshi, Undersecretary of ADDED, said: “We are continuously working on developing services and providing information to protect consumers in Abu Dhabi. Plans and strategies have been developed to focus on projects, programs and initiatives that are essential for achieving economic development and building confidence between consumers and the business community in the emirate.”

Al Blooshi added that protecting consumers and preserving their rights is one of ADDED’s strategic objectives. The Department has been working to raise awareness among customers and consumers about obtaining information from reliable sources to protect them from transacting with unlicensed individuals, entities, or facilities.

Al Blooshi explained that the ”TAHAQAQ” feature reflects the Department’s commitment to protecting consumers and ensuring that their rights are adequately preserved. This, in turn, will enable them to safely make transactions or plan to conduct commercial activities with various establishments that are subject to applicable laws, conditions and economic controls in Abu Dhabi. He also emphasized that the initiative is in line with ADDED’s efforts to enhance the business environment and ensure safe business practices in the emirate.

He noted that ADDED would work on introducing more tools, methods and laws in the coming period to ensure the legality of business establishments’ activities; protect consumers from violators; and improve local market systems in Abu Dhabi across all sectors.

ADDED’s Undersecretary highlighted that the ‘service aims to support investors and licensed establishments in the emirate; encourage electronic transactions; and avoid making transactions with fraudulent entities, thereby deepening trust between online stores’ owners and consumers in Abu Dhabi.

The new feature will help owners of online stores in marketing their products and services effectively as well as raising the level of consumers’ trust so they can shop safely on various online stores.–WAM

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