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3M technology for COVID-19 therapeutic production

3M purification and filtration technology key for today's´ global manufacture of life-saving medications


3M technology for COVID-19 therapeutic production

As pharmaceutical companies worldwide have been racing to develop therapeutics to combat COVID-19, they recognized an urgent need to rapidly scale up on raw materials and critical products required for mass production – a complex process with many steps. A special 3M purification material allows combining several process steps to obtain the final product in greater amounts.

Developed at 3M’s Corporate Research Lab, the Emphaze (TM) AEX Hybrid Purifier combines unique 3M technologies advanced polymer materials, fine fibre nonwovens, and porous membranes. Before the pandemic, to meet global demand for these products, 3M invested $50 million in additional manufacturing capacities at its plant in Columbia, Missouri and $20 million at its manufacturing site in Wroclaw, Poland.

“It’s important that 3M holds to its core values during this pandemic by supporting our communities and improving lives globally,” said Robert Nichols, Managing Director of 3M Middle East and Africa. “The projects are part of a $20 million commitment made by 3M at a corporate level to support COVID-19 relief projects globally. It is uplifting to see how companies such as 3M have been collaborating and stepping up to address these exceptional times.”

3M applies science to solve problems; leveraging 51 technology platforms and combining them to develop solutions for a wide range of industries – from protecting people in the workplace to infection prevention in hospitals and solutions for future mobility. To date, 3M has been granted more than 122,000 patents. Approximately 3,500 new patents are added each year.

“Throughout the pandemic, we have been sharply focused on delivering for frontline workers and the communities we serve worldwide,” said Mojdeh Poul, executive vice president, 3M Health Care. “Our innovative technologies, data and analytics capabilities, state-of-the-art manufacturing, and experience in pandemic response have enabled us to make critical contributions to fighting COVID-19.”

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